Celebrating Frani’s new album, Relay Delay, with an acoustic concert

Here’s something completely different, let’s just play! When I heard the mixes of Frani’s new double album, Relay Delay, I thought it was some of the best stuff I’ve heard from him yet, which is saying a lot. I didn’t get to play with him on the release show for his 2020 acoustic album, Frani, so I suggested an acoustic concert for this record and he went for it.

I’m pleased with the performance we were able to capture with this show. No amps, no trickery, just hard work and passion for pushing our limits. The set features a dazzling display of Frani’s paintings, presenting the multidisciplinary artist’s work in full splendor. Affordable reproductions of select pieces are starting to show up on Frani’s site, so if you ever wanted to add a Frani Lugo painting to your collection, it is within your grasp!

This concert includes selections from Relay Delay as well as from other records in the Frani Lugo catalog. In this special acoustic setting, there are plenty of new interpretations of Frani favorites.

Though I functioned purely as a sideman here, it was a pleasure to add another dimension to our creative partnership. We were able to exercise our instrumental and vocal flexibility like we never have before. I received a gift of a brand new 12-string acoustic guitar right before this show, so the sonic palette was expanded even further. Look out for the sound of the 12-string in new music from me and live when we get to take this act out live again!

More information about Frani Lugo and his body of work is available at

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